New York Trek Recap

The first event for the CWIB members was Hokies on Wall Street, which was hosted at the Citigroup Midtown building. Alumni and current students from Virginia Tech mingled as they chatted about experiences in the business world as well as their college days. A first-time attendee, Jennifer Lee, Consultant at Citigroup, said, “[Hokies on Wall Street] is such a large networking opportunity and when awesome [opportunities like this] come up, you just have to take [advantage of] it.” A group of CWIB members was fascinated by Jennifer’s story, amazed at how she achieved a position at Citigroup after graduating with a degree from the College of Science. She is a strong believer in “doing what you want to do as long as you work hard for it.”

Other alumni mentioned the reason they attended this event was that they could “really feel the Hokie Spirit.” Many women from CWIB would agree, there is just something special about going into the world and feeling at home with the people you’re around because they’re part of the Virginia Tech Community.

As the sun began to shine over the city that never sleeps, the group headed over to the Google Building, sporting blazers, and bright eyes.

After a tour of the 2.9 million-square-foot building (and plenty of pictures on the block-long balcony), CWIB members sat down in a room of the Summer section on the “Four Seasons” themed floor for a panel. The main topics of the Google panel were: finding mentors in college and the workforce, building a personal brand, and overcoming challenges of being a woman in the business world.

“Not all mentors are labeled,” said Ingrid Gonzalez, Head of Sales for Google Cloud. “They can be anyone who is there for you in doubt and gives you opportunities. You will have many challenges [in your career], so make sure you have the right people around you to help you through them.” Suzy Schumer, Strategy and Sales Operations Consultant, advised that “when it comes to building your personal brand, you want to make sure you leave an impact on your interviewer [or client]. Learn what makes you passionate and let them remember you.”

In a lifetime career, we’re bound to run into many challenges. Suzy said, “It is okay to fail. It is okay to cry. Give yourself a moment in private, then gather yourself and get back out there.” As a woman in business, Suzy knows the importance of embracing who you are. “There will be times that you may find yourself as the only woman in the room. Embrace it and be comfortable with yourself.”

After the panel at Google, the women headed to the Citigroup building for a presentation of the early career opportunities at Citigroup and a panel that focused on the recruiting process. When preparing for recruiting, Panelist Nancy Song advises to “Be passionate! Have an open and adaptable mind. Understand what you are being interviewed for.” She also stressed that in your career, “stereotypical networking is not the only way! Build relationships that you already have, like with those you already work with every day. However, don’t be afraid to talk to people, be proactive and look for ways you can help and connect.”

When asked what the best decision they’ve made for their career was, Christina Capitelli responded by saying, “Taking opportunities as they come. Don’t stay static, use opportunities to grow and develop.” Jennifer Lee’s best decision was “Keeping an open mind, you never know until you try.”

Next stop was Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Capital Markets, “a global investment bank that provides focused expertise in banking, finance and capital markets to [clients] around the world.” At RBC, CWIB members and the speakers had an enriching conversation about women and their impact in the corporate world. “The way we [women] respond to situations is different from men, but that makes us no less legitimate: our brains work the same,” said Cara. “We have strengths and characteristics that make us great leaders. You can’t have the same exact people sitting at the table looking at a problem.”

To wrap up the visit, the group was given the privilege of going onto the trading floor for a better idea of what happens at a company such as RBC.

 If you haven’t been on a CWIB Trek yet, make a goal to attend next year! You won’t regret the invaluable experience and connections you build in CWIB as well as in the corporate world.

Charlotte Trek: A Recap

A few weeks ago, Collegiate Women in Business (CWIB) members trekked to Charlotte, North Carolina and visited three diverse companies, networked with Virginia Tech alum, and explored new and exciting career paths. Our outstanding peers represented CWIB on the Charlotte campuses of Red Ventures, Wells Fargo, and Dimensional Fund Advisors. Each company and its employees offered unique perspectives on business and professionalism. Read on to hear what CWIB members thought of their experience in “The Queen City!”

At Red Ventures, where intelligent innovators use data to bridge the gap between consumers and the services they need, members were immersed in a community-focused culture. On their growing campus, Virginia Tech alum introduced them to the work they do and offered valuable career advice. “The atmosphere was like no other to me,” says Sydney Woodward, “the company really embraced a ‘go-getter attitude.’ There was even a board that said, ‘Be Great People to Work With’ where employees are encouraged to take a piece of paper and do whatever it says – from grabbing lunch outside of the office to talking to someone they haven’t met before.”

During the CWIB visit to Wells Fargo, trek attendees spoke with more empowering professionals on careers in banking and the numerous paths within the industry. Their visit to Dimensional Fund Advisors expanded on their exposure to the finance industry – members heard from high-level employees and learned about the fast-paced world of investing. Tori Pollard, Sophomore CWIB member, and Business Information Technology (BIT) major found Dimensional Funds to be her favorite visit as it offered a company culture that seemed like an enjoyable place to work. Sydney Woodward found the visits to both companies highly informative since those are the types of firms she will be working with as a Financial Planning major!

Outside of the company visits, the trek attendees networked with other CWIB members. “It is always extremely empowering when you’re in this professional atmosphere and you are actively engaged,” says Woodward. Pollard, echoes her sentiments. “I had such a great time getting to bond with other CWIB members… this was my first trek and hopefully not my last.” Both women enjoyed exploring the city of Charlotte as well. Pollard states “Charlotte was never a place I had considered for an after-graduation job, but it is definitely on my radar now – it is an incredible up-and-coming city for young people entering the workforce.” Woodward even fell in love with the city and it is now her number one location to live after graduation!

Congrats to all Charlotte Trek attendees on seizing opportunities to expand your network and knowledge. Thank you to the companies who hosted CWIB and don’t forget to keep an eye out for these amazing opportunities throughout the following semesters!